Get quick help on cybercrime

Written on 09/03/2022
Rajshekhar Pullabhatla

What is CopConnect?

The CopConnect platform is on a mission to provide help to every cybercrime victim in the world with a unique ecosystem of subject matter experts and reduce the level of cybercrimes in the country. 

Diverse yet powerful ecosystem

The CopConnect Ecosystem brings four different streams of diverse professionals to support a cybercrime victim from every aspect. A Cyber Psychologist for supporting mental health, A Technical Expert to assist with your online issues, A Cybercrime Lawyer to give legal advise, and a First Responder to support you in connecting with right resources, including the local law enforcement.

The App can be accessed by anyone and can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Get help both online and offline

We know that sensitive cybercrime challenges may need one-to-one interaction. Which is why CopConnect allows you to book an in-person appointment with an expert at CopConnect Cafe’s nearest to your location.

Made for Digital India


The CopConnect Cafe is a teen-friendly environment provided by the community of first Responders, to help cybercrime victims visit along with their family and interact with the local police officers or specialists, without the stress of visiting a police station.


Any cybercrime victim can reserve space in the nearest CopConnect Café for 30 minutes or more and meet cybercrime first responders for getting help, with guaranteed privacy and confidence. 


Every CopConnect Cafe is supervised by an ISAC certified First Responder and has a dedicated task-force assigned to help you. Depending on the case, the first responder may invite the local police officer to attend the meeting