Urvesh Thakkar

Katraj - Kondhwa Rd Gokul Nagar Katraj

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Preferred mode of communication : WhatsApp Messaging , Social Media Direct Message

Availability : Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday

Brief Bio : 

With an extensive background in cyber security - specific pertaining to Cyber Defense (Blue Team), I am a seasoned cyber security enthusiast working in various verticals of InfoSec.

Currently I am working as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Virtual Cyber Labs - with an aim to revolutionize the cyber Ed-Tech ecosystem!

I also love to contribute socially for bringing some small changes in the society. For this, I am appointed as President of BeFojji OpSec India (NGO) and leading the Anti Cyber Crime Society community.

My major experience comes from training & mentoring background. I love to mentor folks in various areas of cybersecurity and Blue Teaming domains. Worked as a trainer, coach, and mentor for many companies.

Knowledge is the ultimate driving force for growth, and growth cannot cease! The key to achieving this is lifelong learning! By consistently engaging in learning activities or pertinent work/freelance possibilities, I'm striving to improve my knowledge, abilities, and perspectives.