Karan Kurani

Nagpur Nagpur Nagpur Division

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Brief bio: “Cyber security has always attracted me because of its dynamic advancements”. My
interest in Cyber security& computer programming began in seventh grade, and I ventured into advanced
computer programming when I was 15 years old. My curiosity about how technology works
sparked my interest in it. Due to the constant advancement of technology, I can always learn
and improve my skills.
My academic
career has been highlighted by class representative and college forum vice-president positions.
Learning complex concepts and algorithms was my strength, and I had excellent grades in
Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering & Project Management and Design & Analysis of
In addition to offering a strong foundation and professional I have worked on several projects
during my academic session, some of which are Simplify, a mobile application designed to help
College Student Clubs organize and promote events. It manages all the activities and tasks of
the clubs in an easy way without the use of paper.
Recently, I worked on a project to discover drugs using artificial intelligence. The use of artificial
intelligence can help validate drug targets and optimize drug structures more quickly. Users
will be able to make predictions based on Machine Learning models for the selected target
protein using a web application that predicts a potential drug target.
Additionally, I presented a research paper at the National Conference on Recent Advances in
Traffic Engineering organized by Transportation Engineering and Planning. In collaboration
with Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, SVNIT, we developed an automated
speed violation detection system for mixed traffic.
There are a few internships I have done in my field of interest. As part of my first internship, I
developed a gesture-controlled car that works with hand gestures. After I completed this
project, I created my own gesture control car as a college project for the first time. In my next
internship, I learned how to develop stunning front-end websites using Markup Language. The
next internship taught me about networking and cyber security. I learned how to use social
engineering techniques to prevent attacks on Networks.I have gained a lot from the internship's about understanding workplace culture and how to
put my knowledge and skills into practice.
I always enjoy extracurricular activities where I can help and contribute to society. In the past,
I have participated in several volunteer activities. I have been a student fundraiser for Global
Cancer Concern India, as well as a volunteer at the Learnathon Event attended by more than
4,000 people. In my academic session, I was also elected president of the cortex forum and a
core member of the coding club. Every year I have been elected class representative of my
Aside from organizing various activities under the clubs, I have organized and conducted skill
training for the juniors. My faculties also awarded me a few certificates of appreciation. This
experience helped me to concentrate and was highly beneficial in helping me to manage my
time. It also taught me how to be a public speaker, along with enhancing my leadership skills.
It is evident from my academic record, internships, and projects that I am passionate about
Computer Science. I graduated from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University with a
bachelor’s in Computer Science in Engineering. Through my studies, I gained a wide range of
skills and knowledge of programming. Moreover, I have developed strong learning skills and
analytical thinking abilities.