Shounak Ray

Kolkata Kolkata Presidency Division

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Brief bio:

A Cyber-Crime expert with 22 years of professional experience, including large-scale and small-scale digital/internet forensic investigations and IT-Security.

Areas of expertise: Security Audit, Vulnerability and Penetration Testing, Malware Investigations, Data Recovery, Lawful IP-Interception, Digital forensic investigations, Open Source Intelligence, Data Decryption etc.

As a presenter and a cyber-crime specialist, I have been attending conferences, seminars, national cyber-security exercises, and meetings with public and private sector officials regarding cyber-crime, security, audits, and investigations.

# 22+ years of experience in Network & security technology design, implementation, management, of a large-scale application aware, Secured, self-healing Network & Telecomm infra, facilitates information highway for ERP, Messaging, collaboration & digital content exchange, SAAS Services, Internet Access in a 24x7 environment.
# In depth knowledge of IT industry environment, business needs, combined with strong understanding of business process, applications and infra arch.
# Excellent leadership skills and ability to think at a tactical strategy level
# IT infrastructure design & implement arch for DC| Private cloud | IAAS | SAAS. Management & orchestration and Technology adoption.
# Experienced in IT architecture, system integrations, technology partner for both IT and businesses teams across the organization.
# Expert in managing global standards of operations & business assurance, Automation opportunities within OPS function, with greater value addition and increased margins.
# Evolve platform support and operations for an integrated platform as one IT.
# Build delivery capabilities in the areas of long term business needs, and identify opportunities to expand.
# Proven ability to deliver Projects, relationships with the partner eco-system comprising of OEMs | SPs|MSPs.
# Excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to explain technical concepts and technologies to business leaders, with a proven ability in establish systems & process.
# People-Management, Knowledge & performance management to ensure efficiency & fulfilment of individual, group & organization objectives.
# Management experience including budgeting and managing managers & compliance

The National Cybercrime Portal Associate