Mayank Mangal

Kalyan Thane Konkan Division

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Preferred mode of communication: WhatsApp Messaging,Phone,Social Media Direct Message

Availability: Sunday,Thursday

Brief bio: Position: Dean of Academics, Assistant Professor in Information Technology

I am a distinguished academic leader and cybercrime Intervention Officer, currently serving as the Dean of Academics at an esteemed engineering college specializing in computer science education. With a robust background in both academia and cybersecurity.

Armed with a Master's in Computer Science and certifications in CCIO & CPEW, I am deeply passionate about fostering academic excellence and preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. My commitment to advancing the field of computer science is reflected in her innovative curriculum development initiatives, which integrate real-world cybercrime scenarios and hands-on practical exercises to equip students with the skills needed to tackle emerging digital threats.

In addition to academic pursuits, I am actively involved in research and advocacy efforts aimed at addressing cybersecurity challenges and promoting digital literacy among students and faculty alike. My comprehensive understanding of cybercrime trends and forensic methodologies enables me to mentor aspiring cybersecurity professionals and guide them toward successful careers in the field.

As Dean of Academics, I am dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering a culture of innovation, and instilling a strong ethical foundation in future technologists. My visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to academic excellence continue to inspire and empower the next generation of cybersecurity leaders.