Vishesh Jakhar

New Delhi DL IN

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Preferred mode of communication: WhatsApp Messaging

Availability: Sunday

Brief bio: I am a software engineer. Recently, I completed the CCIO (Cyber Crime Intervention Officer) program, equipping myself with advanced skills and knowledge to combat cybercrime effectively.

Driven by a commitment to protect individuals and organizations from the devastating impacts of cyberattacks, I am now focused on leveraging my expertise to help others overcome this pressing issue. Through a combination of technical proficiency and a deep understanding of cybercrime trends and tactics, I aim to educate and empower individuals and businesses to navigate the digital landscape securely.

With a strong belief in the power of collaboration and education, I am dedicated to fostering a safer online community by sharing insights, implementing best practices, and developing innovative solutions to combat cyber threats. My ultimate goal is to contribute to a future where digital security is prioritized, and individuals can harness the full potential of technology without fear of exploitation or harm.