Jeevan H R

Kadur Chikkamagaluru Mysore Division

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Preferred mode of communication: WhatsApp Messaging,Email Only,Phone,Social Media Direct Message

Availability: Sunday,Friday,Saturday

Brief bio:       I am a talented and versatile student pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at AMC Engineering College, Bangalore. With a strong foundation in programming languages like Python, Java, and C, I have showcased my skills through web development projects, AR lens creation for Snapchat, and internships at Macrolytics Technology Ltd and Menteroness. During these internships, I gained hands-on experience in Data Science, Natural Language Processing, and Sentiment Analysis Projects.
Beyond academics, I am actively involved in extracurricular activities. I serve as a coordinator for events, attend workshops and summits, and nurture interests in filmmaking, photo editing, photography, and music. My diverse skill set, coupled with a drive for continuous learning and growth, positions me as a well-rounded individual poised for success in the field of technology.
I'm currently serving as the Secretary of IEEE AMCEC Student Branch, where I contribute to fostering a vibrant technical community and organizing events that promote knowledge sharing and skill development among students in my college.