Jinu Rajendran

Kozhikode Kozhikode KL

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Brief bio:      Jinu Rajendran, a tech enthusiast from Kozhikode, has made a profound impact on the tech and business communities in the city, Kozhikode.
Jinu's passion for hacking led him to pursue training from prestigious institutions like Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (U.S.), the Asian School of Cyberlaw, Data64, and Appin Technology Lab. He honed his skills by identifying flaws in Google's systems and actively contributing to Google Help forums, earning recognition from Google for his exceptional assistance to users. His journey continued with involvement in Google Superuser program (now Google Product Experts program) through Orkut, where he transitioned to Google Chrome support.

Jinu's exposure to diverse industries and high-level personalities came through the Google Product Experts program, which provided him with valuable experiences, including training in customer support, customer satisfaction, and community management at various Google offices around the world including the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. This knowledge served as a foundation for his successful professional career, which primarily revolves around digital marketing and managing renowned clients both in India and abroad.

His pivotal role as the founder and lead of Google Developer Group (GDG) Kozhikode and Flutter Kozhikode, a non-profit tech community supported by Google, further solidified his standing in the tech ecosystem. Collaborating with co-founders Sreelal T.S (Flutter Kozhikode), Farish V ( Now, Program manager Google For Starts ) and Akshay(GDG Kozhikode), they organized over 60 events, connecting more than 30,000 people. The community acted as a catalyst for innovation and skill development, paving the way for Jinu's pioneering initiatives like Pokit QR.

Jinu Rajendran's commitment to technology and community engagement extends beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors. Notably, he is an active contributor to the Kerala Police Cyberdome, further solidifying his dedication to the cybersecurity landscape. Cyberdome is a pioneering initiative by the Kerala Police to address the challenges posed by cyber threats and crimes. It serves as a specialized unit focusing on cybersecurity, digital forensics, and the overall protection of cyberspace.

Recognizing the significance of communities in forging strong professional connections, Jinu co-founded Pokit QR with Sreelal T.S. This platform facilitates real-world connections through QR code sharing, addressing the challenge of forgetting people met at events. PokitQR not only showcases Jinu's entrepreneurial spirit but also demonstrates how tech and business communities can lead to transformative ideas and ventures.
His company, Advertiz, focuses and result-oriented digital marketing services, showcasing the value of networking and community building in attracting clients and expanding business prospects.

His journey serves as an inspiring example of how active participation in tech and business communities can pave the way to success, even transforming someone into a millionaire or billionaire. By fostering collaborative environments, these communities provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and create long-lasting relationships that can lead to groundbreaking ventures.